How Blackjack works


How Blackjack works





When playing blackjack, the objective of the game is pretty simple. When you go into a casino or use an online casino, you will more often than not see blackjack available to play. It is a game that is quite popular in the betting world as it is an easy game to get used to. The aim of the game is to get as close to the number 21 as you possibly can, and make sure that you are closer than the dealer. The dealer will use more than one standard pack of 52 cards, on most occasions, they will use between 4 and 8 packs. If they do, they use something called a shoe. This is something that will hand the cards out, one by one, face down.





Objective of blackjack


The objective of blackjack is to get closer to the number 21 than the dealer you are facing. You are not allowed to go over the number otherwise, you are out.



Card Values


Some of the card are different values in blackjack to what they may be in other games. Numbers 2-10 speak for themselves. If you pick up an ace, you can decide whether you are taking it as a 1 or a 11. For example, if you are on 20 and you have an ace also, you can choose it as a one to make 21. All cards with a face (Queen, King and Jack) all count for 10.



Betting on Blackjack


Before the dealer hands out the cards to the players. Each player will put a bet into the middle of the table. Once you have done it, that is then locked in. In most places you do this, there will be a minimum and maximum bet you can place, but you will need to check that with the casino site and place you play blackjack at.


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The ‘shuffle’ & the ‘cut’


Before anything is handed out to players, the dealer will shuffle the cards well until the are completely mixed up. He will then ask someone of the table to split the pack. Now the pack will be ready to play with. The dealer will place a plastic card near the bottom of the pack, this is so he knows when the pack has to be reshuffled. In casino’s they often have multiple packs meaning this will not happen.





Once all of the above has been done and the dealer is happy, the deal will begin. Each player will receive one card which will be upwards for the whole table to see. Everyone on the table will then receive a second card, which will also be faced upwards. However, when the dealer receives a second card, that will be facing down. If you receive an ace (which can count for either 1 or 11) and a face card (which counts or 10) this is known as a blackjack. If someone has this and the dealer doesn’t, that player is paid at one and half time of the original stake. If it is the other way around and the dealer has a blackjack and nobody else on the table does, all the chips that were put in the middle of the table by players will be taken away. If the dealer and another player both has this, it is known as a standoff and  the player will take back his full stake.


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How to play


One everything has been dealt and everyone has two cards on the table, the first person on the dealer’s left i’ll have to choose whether they are going to stand, which means you feel you are close enough or on 21 to win the round, or hit, which means you would like to receive another card to see if you can get any closer to the number 21. The important thing you must remember is that you cannot go over the number 21, so if you are on 18, it would be a huge risk to ask for hit, as their are a lot more numbers higher than three than under.